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10 Tips to Improve Your Focus and Concentration

by The Reference Supplements Team
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10 Tips to Stay Focused on Your Tasks Today!

The statistics that indicate a reduction in the attention span is not surprising.

In these times, we are faced with an enormous amount of external stimuli that it is even a miracle to stay focused on a task for more than 2 minutes.

This is a far cry from what is recorded; in 2013 the average attention life span was pegged at 8 seconds.

It was 12 seconds in 2000. This means that we are even getting more impatient with reading materials or executing a task to the end.

There are many benefits of having a good focus. Your productivity will be remarkably higher and you will achieve more excellent results in everything you do.

This is a fact because focus makes you pay attention to every detail that will be crucial in doing things better. A lack of focus can lead to frustrations when you repeatedly get things wrong.

Many people acknowledge the fact that they need to become more focused in every aspect of their daily lives.

For others, it has become even more serious because they need to dome something about staying focused at their jobs or face an imminent sack.

I have compiled some useful tips that will help you to increase your ability to focus and resist any distractions.

1. Conciously Improve your focus-
The key is to do this gradually but consistently until you improve your ability to remain focused on an activity until it is finished. You can improve your ability to focus by dedicating a specific duration to accomplish a task. Start with small challenges first.

Focus on completing the task within the allotted time then take a short break.  If you consistently do this, you will find out that with time you can go for longer periods working at a task without needing a very long break.


2. Get rid of all distraction: It is interesting to note that almost 85% of individuals that are actively involved with social media feel compelled to immediately reply texts or comment on posts they see on their social media accounts. This habit can be very distractive when you are in the middle of a task that demands your full attention.

You should get rid of all distractions like loud smart phones, turn off the TV, switch your phone to silent mode, clear your mind and stay focused on the task at hand. It is quite difficult picking up from where you left of when you get distracted in the middle of a task.

ENERGIZE YOUR LIFE TODAY!3. Organize your work- A useful tip will be to organize your work in one place. Many people utilize various applications for different purposes like creating appointments, setting reminders for meetings on your phone and dinner dates on another phone.

To do tasks can be on your desk top while you try to juggle the other organizers. It will be more convenient and efficient if you use just one platform for all your reminders and to do tags. This way you will not miss anything and you will spend less time looking through the information.


4. Choose a consistent work space-  You will find it easier to focus when you always work in a consistent place. This can be your office desk or a study at home. The reason for this is that there are higher chances of eliminating external stimuli when you are used to working at specific locations.


5. Use your alarm application- This application can be used to set reminders to help you refocus on what you were doing. Your subconscious will begin to anticipate these reminders and it will help you to remain focused so as not to be caught off guard. If your mind wanders away, hearing the alarm go off will instantly draw your attention back to what you were doing.


6. Handle one task at a time- Many people make the mistake of attempting to multi task. They end up wasting valuable time and resources because multi-tasking can be a demanding action that is not guaranteed to give you excellent results on all the tasks executed at the same time.

You will be better off focusing on one task and properly handling it before moving on to the next task. What you think you will lose in time will be gained in a better quality of work because you were totally focused on delivering the best.


7. Never underestimate the benefits of a short break- You will end up wearing your mental strength off by focusing on accomplishing a task for long periods at a stretch without a break. It is important to take a short break once in a while. You will feel refreshed and your mind will be in a better position to think up fresh ideas for your work. A little distraction helps.

SHOP BEHEALTHY STORE8. Engage in regular physical activities- Physical exercise has been proven to have remarkable effects on our mental abilities and cognitive performance. It relaxes the body and keeps stress away. Exercise is important to have a sound mind. You should engage in as much physical activity that you can manage during your leisure time.


9. Stay Hydrated- Studies have shown that it is more tasking to stay focused when you are dehydrated. Make sure you are always hydrated; it will keep you from feeling headaches or feeling drowsy from focusing on a task. Water is the transport medium in our bodies, as you expand your mind your body works. It will be good to replace all lost fluids to have a good balance.


10. Meditation- this is an act that ultimately requires you to devote your entire focus on a subject or prayer for a period of time. Many studies have proven that people who meditate often have longer attention span. I am not surprised by this report. Meditation requires you to sit still all through the exercise, while your mind is focused on the subject of your meditation.

It is actually a great exercise for the mind. You don’t have to spend long periods meditating; it can be done in a few minutes every day. You will be able to get useful tips about meditation techniques on the internet.

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