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15 Things That Cause Brain Fog, Low Energy & How To Avoid Them

by The Reference Supplements Team
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15 Factors that Cause Fatigue and Brain Fog

Many people out there suffer from brain fog and low productivity. We have compiled a list of factors that can cause brain fog and the quick solutions.

#1 – Dehydration:

A lot of undesirable effects can arise when there is a deficiency of water in our system. Dehydration can affect the normal composure of a healthy person as well.

It is important to replace lost fluids as soon as possible to maintain the normal functions of our organs and all other parts of the body.

The common consequences of dehydration include mood swings, depression, and fatigue and brain fog. The good thing is that your body will always give you signals when you need to drink more water.

Many journals and other publications have prescribed the standard quantity of water that must be consumed daily to be at least eight glasses. This is not entirely correct. Yes, eight glasses of water daily will be able to sufficiently replace the lost fluids but some people might require more than eight glasses of water per day.

People who engage in physical activities and sports will require a lot more water. The need for water will also be heightened by certain harsh water conditions. In any case, always ensure that you are very well hydrated at every time.


#2 – Irregular levels of the blood sugar:

Sugar is broken down in our bodies to produce glucose which is used up by our muscles and brain to maintain normal functions. Glucose is not produced by any or our body functions hence we need to eat foods that will supply sufficient glucose to the brain.

A deficiency of glucose in the brain will cause a brain fog. What you must do is to quickly scan through your menu and find out Ways to include rich sources.


#3 – Lack of vital Nutrients:

Lack of nutrients in the body will hinder to normal functions of the body. Mental alertness and intelligence will be compromised because the nutrients that would have promoted the ability of the body to carry out these functions will be lacking.

It is good to eat a well-balanced diet for all round wellness. Our bodies break down food to the main nutrients needed for proper development and functioning of the brain.


#4 – Mental health challenges:

People who are undergoing some form of mental challenges will not be able to muster the motivation and strength needed to pull through their daily activities without support from a professional medical officer or psychologist.

Health issues like depression will get you to a low state of physical and mental strength. This is not a good state of mind. The signs should be quickly recognized and the necessary measures to stop the worsening of the diagnosed mental challenges should be implemented.


#5 – Sleep disorders:

We are practically awake for the better part of the day. This means our senses and organs are constantly working to meet up with the demands of our daily activities. Sleep is a time of rest when the body regains strength and the mind is rejuvenated.

ENERGIZE YOUR LIFE TODAY!People who deny themselves enough sleep will eventually shutdown. Lack of sleep can cause anxiety, fatigue and an alteration in the normal functions of the brain.

It is easy to know if you need more sleep, if you cannot go through a simple activity like reading a book or watching a documentary without nodding off.


#6 – Unhealthy Foods:

There are many fast foods that contain high amounts of bad carbohydrates and oils that will cause health challenges when consumed in excessive quantities. A common consequence of eating these sweet laden foods is suffering from fatigue; the onset of fatigue will hinder the normal functions of the body.

You should consider reviewing your menu and replacing unhealthy foods with foods rich in useful nutrients that will aid the body’s normal functions.


#7 – Anti-depressants:

Anti-depressants have been prescribed for a wide range of health challenges. They might work for the targeted health condition but the side effects will hinder the development and sustenance of a sound mind and brain.


#8 – Bad Habits:

There are many bad habits that will cause problems in our systems over time. One of the most common culprits that have led to fatigue and a compromise of the brain functions are smoking. Smoking has claimed many lives and it should be tackled with every possible means because there is still a chance of living a healthy life if changes are made on time.


#9 – Stress and its effects:

Coping with stress is a feat everyone will have to live with because there are many stress factors that manifest in our daily activities. There have been many solutions proffered for people dealing with stress as a means to cope.

It is unfortunate that some people might not be able to handle the stress they face in their lives. This can make them give up on everything they had going for them. The consequence of giving up on life will eventually lead to loss of hope and fatigue.


#10 – Chronic Fatigue Syndromes:

This is a health challenge that can plague a person’s life for as long as six months. During this time, the individual will always feel tired with zero motivation to make an effort in anything they do.

People suffering from this syndrome can get professional help to come out fully recovered and stronger.


#11 – Recently developed medication:

New medications have increasingly been observed to have stronger side effects on the patients. Common among the experienced side effects is fatigue and impaired brain functions. Severe allergies have also been reported in some cases.

These drugs might hold the key to our recovery from any illnesses so we might have to cope with the side effects.



What can be done are the pharmaceutical companies carrying out more research to reduce the reported side effects experienced from taking these drugs.


#12 – Digestive abnormalities:

There are many causes of digestive issues. Infections and unchecked fungal infections are common causes of this discomfort.

A medical challenge experienced in the gut will ultimately hinder the mindset of the individual disrupting the normal flow of their daily activities.


#13 – Gluten Effects:

The consumption of gluten can aggravate the problems faced by people with auto immune diseases. The small intestine is usually affected by the gluten during digestion. The effects of gluten will hinder the normal brain functions.

The good news is that this issue can be completely resolved if the individual can successfully remove all the sources of gluten from their menu. Studies have shown that patients who successfully removed all the sources of gluten from their menu were able to recover and have a restored brain function.


#14 – Deficiency of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that aids the production of red blood cells and the proper functioning of the nervous system. The red blood cells are important for many functions including supplying the brain with oxygen. If the brain does not get sufficient oxygen, the individual will start to feel a general body weakness.

A good source of vitamin B12 is foods from animals- poultry, meat and fish. If you exclude these foods for your menu, you will stand the risk of suffering from the consequences of Vitamin B12.

The common symptoms experienced due to lack of Vitamin B12 are fatigue, discomfort, forgetfulness and feeling numb in your limbs. If you experience these feelings, please seek medical attention as soon as you can.



#15 – Lack of exercise:

Exercise is good for the mind. Regularly exercising will also boost the proper function of your brain thereby giving you a sound mind. In these recent times, we have become too busy with many other activities hence pushing the need to exercise to the bottom of the list which we never get to.

It should be noted that these other activities we have given preference to over exercising are more likely to put us through stress which would have been alleviated by regularly exercising. Exercise will also ensure that you have a good sleep at night. Exercise is good for a healthy brain, never compromise your workout sessions.

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