Reference Supplements (RS) has been founded in 2004 when Dr. Yvon Elysee, a physician trained in Pneumology and ENT became aware of how vitamin supplements when used correctly could effectively protect people from degenerative diseases and help them win the war against oxidation. Years later, a team was built to help spread the world and fulfill everyone who need it with natural solutions for their health.

The main objective of RS is to help everyone to get and stay healthy by offering natural, safe and effective health supplements. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your weight loss and wellness goals. 

Reference Supplements (RS) has effectively expanded into a national and global retailer of first-rate quality health products including weight loss formulas, vitamin supplements, minerals, sports nutrition and nutritional supplements. Our comprehensive range of natural health supplement formulas covers all your needs and is oriented to help you with your health troubles. Each of our formulas are manufactured with a unique goal targeting a unique health need.

The outstanding value of our products and skilled team make us one of the most leading health and wellness corporations available in the supplement field. 

Our staff, comprised of physicians, nutritionists, dietitians and health care specialists, has over 75 years of combined experience in the health and medical field. This unique and skilled team allows us to provide exceptional customer service and support to everyone who needs us.  We feel that your success is our success, and as a result, we will consistently strive to meet your ongoing needs and desire.  

The Team:

Chief Executive Officer: Dr. Yvon Elysee

Chief Operation Officer: Blanche W. Levy

Chief Financial Officer: Elvira Klein

Chief Administrative Officer: Roger A. Legaspi

Chief Marketing Officer: Todd Wallace

Vice-President Marketing: Elsie Viaud

Call Centre Executive: Linda Mahoney

Customer Service Executive: Tamra Thorn

Business Development: Charles Welsh